How the SNP Could Win a General Election and Achieve Scottish Independence Simultaneously

How the SNP Could Win a General Election and Achieve Scottish Independence Simultaneously

How the SNP Could Win a General Election and Achieve Scottish Independence Simultaneously

Alright, hear me out. I know this idea is highly unlikely and somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but let's imagine a scenario where the SNP goes for it.

A Nationwide Campaign

What if the SNP stood candidates in every constituency across the UK? Perhaps they could even team up with Plaid Cymru in Wales. The central campaign message would focus on giving England a referendum on English Independence and also making the UK a fairer place. Their manifesto could include pledges to extend Scotland's policies to the rest of the UK: free prescriptions, free travel for young people, better funding for the NHS, and reforming the banking and energy sectors, and many more issues. Essentially, they would aim to address the issues created by the Conservative and Labour parties.

A Bold Referendum Pledge

The SNP's primary manifesto pledge should be to hold a referendum on English independence from the rest of the UK within the first four years of Parliament. This would put immense pressure on every political party to include a similar pledge in their manifestos, as the electorate would demand it. Even the so-called colonial offices and pretend Scottish offices in Scotland would have to promote independence to some degree and couldn't argue against it in any of the Parliaments.

Potential Outcomes

This strategy could lead to several outcomes:

  1. Winning the General Election: The SNP could win the general election, granting a referendum on English independence (which would effectively be about Scottish independence) to the people of England.
  2. A Fairer Society: By campaigning on making the UK a fairer place, they could influence other parties to adopt similar policies.
  3. Increased Influence: Even if they don't win, they could gain more seats, giving them greater influence in Parliament.

Pressure on English Parties

The larger English parties would have to include a referendum on English independence in their manifestos to avoid losing votes. If they won power and then failed to deliver, there would be significant public backlash in England.

A Win-Win Situation

Ultimately, this approach could be a win-win for everyone. The SNP could push for a fairer society and gain more political leverage, while also advancing the cause of Scottish independence.

Potential Impact in Scotland

However, it's worth considering the potential impact on votes in Scotland. Could this strategy lead to people abandoning the SNP in favour of English parties? Could the SNP become more like the English parties and just be totally filled by career Politian's just going through the motions to get richer? It's a possibility that would need careful consideration.

A Final Thought

Of course, this idea is a bit out there and not entirely serious. But could it be a future strategy for the SNP? Instead of waiting, begging, or going to court, why not take the fight directly to the Westminster Parliament and the rest of the UK?

This hypothetical scenario is a thought-provoking way to consider how the SNP could navigate future elections and the ongoing quest for Scottish independence.

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