A young girl holding a Saltire in the air at a Scottish Independence rally

10 Benefits of Scottish Independence

Below is a list of 10 benefits of Scotland being Independent.

If you're unsure about Independence or on the fence, some of these topics may be a good place to start your research and for you to get more information.

If you are already an Independence supporter, do you agree with this list, what else would you add to it?

1. Self-determination: Independence empowers Scotland to make decisions tailored to its unique needs without external interference.

2. Full Control Over Foreign Affairs: An independent Scotland would have the ability to independently shape its foreign policy, engage in international relations, and establish its diplomatic representation.

3. Currency: Independence would allow Scotland to determine its own currency and have greater influence over monetary policy, including interest rates.

4. Broadcasting and Media Regulation: The Scottish Government would have the authority to regulate and oversee broadcasting, including television and radio.

5. Social Security Policies: Independence would grant Scotland the power to shape its own social security system, including welfare benefits and pensions.

6. Resources: Direct control over natural resources allows Scotland to optimize their utilization for national development.

7. Constitution: Scotland would have the authority to establish its own constitution, and constitutional laws.

8. Drug Policy Decision-Making: Scotland would gain control over the classification of drugs and the formulation of drug policies, allowing for a tailored approach to substance regulation.

9. Economic Control: A sovereign Scotland can shape its economic policies, fostering growth and stability.

10. Energy Policies: Autonomy allows Scotland to enact policies aligned with its energy priorities.

This is just a small amount of topics that are beneficial to being Independence, with many more benefits that can be added.

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