Scotland to England windfarm approved by Ofgem

Scotland to England windfarm approved by Ofgem

Windfarm approved by Ofgem.

A funding package worth 3.4 Billion has been announced to create a “electricity superhighway” which will connect Peterhead in Aberdeenshire to Drax in North Yorkshire when it is completed in 2029.

Currently, companies are paid if they have to stop their turbines from producing due to a lack of capacity in the grid. You can have a view at the website called the UK Wind curtail monitor here: Monitor

Now, the question is will this benefit Scotland or shall Scotland be an after thought when it comes to infrastructure, jobs, reduction in energy costs etc.?

Time shall tell but I wont hold my breath, what are your thoughts on this?

You can see more of this story from the National here.

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