About Saltire Merch

Saltire Merch was set up out of a need to try to find quality items of a Scottish Independence nature, to help spread the word and make visible our Journey towards independence.

Before I started doing Saltire Merch I couldn't find many decent items to take to rallies or marches so I decided to start making my own, mainly for some friends and family. It all started with a humble badge machine, and it has grew from there, where I decided to start making items for others, and I haven't been able to stop since.

My mission now is to make and source products that shall hopefully help spread the word and let people know we are proud to show and support our independence cause.

I'm passionate about Scottish independence and run this site by myself. As well as working a full time job and having a family, I spend as much spare time working on indy merch and custom merch for individuals, groups or hubs as I possibly can.

I source, design, print and then apply the prints and designs to about 90% of the items on the site, so as to try keep costs as low as possible for fellow supporters who support Scottish independence.

It is an exciting journey I am on and one I'm proud and humble to be taking to help fellow supporters out there and help our country towards independence!

Our Independence is coming and coming soon, SAOR ALBA!!!